Generation Zero is a cooperative first-person shooter game that has garnered a dedicated fanbase since its release in 2019. With its immersive gameplay and stunning visuals, players have been eagerly exploring the game’s open-world environment set in 1980s Sweden. One question that often arises among gamers is whether Generation Zero supports crossplay and offers a seamless multiplayer experience across different platforms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Generation Zero does not currently support crossplay between Steam, PC, and Xbox One users. Cross-platform compatibility is limited to Xbox and Windows 10 players only.
  • Crossplay between Xbox and Windows 10 in Generation Zero allows players to team up and enjoy the game together across these platforms.
  • The game offers seamless co-op multiplayer, encouraging players to join forces and tackle challenges as a team.
  • While Generation Zero’s multiplayer experience is limited in terms of cross-platform compatibility, it offers an engaging gameplay experience with beautiful visuals and challenging combat against machines.
  • Updates and new features continue to be introduced in Generation Zero, enhancing the overall gameplay experience for players.

Is Generation Zero Crossplay?

Yes, Generation Zero supports crossplay between Xbox and Windows 10. This means that players on Xbox and Windows 10 can play together seamlessly, regardless of their platform. Microsoft’s Game Pass has introduced cross-play between Xbox and Windows 10, making it easier for gamers to connect and play together.

Generation Zero also offers co-op play, allowing players to team up with friends and tackle the game’s challenges together. Whether you prefer playing on Xbox or Windows 10, you can enjoy the immersive multiplayer experience that Generation Zero has to offer.

Crossplay Support: Bringing Players Together

With Generation Zero’s crossplay support, the barriers between Xbox and Windows 10 players are broken down. No longer are you restricted to playing with friends on the same platform; now, you can join forces regardless of whether you’re gaming on your Xbox console or Windows 10 PC.

Through Microsoft’s Game Pass, cross-play functionality has become increasingly accessible, allowing more gamers to connect and enjoy multiplayer experiences together. Generation Zero has embraced this cross-platform compatibility, enabling a wider community of players to come together and explore the game’s unique open-world environment.

Co-op play further enhances the multiplayer experience in Generation Zero. By teaming up with friends, you can strategize, coordinate your attacks, and overcome the challenges presented by the hostile machine invasion. Together, you can explore the beautiful yet dangerous 1980s Sweden landscape, creating unforgettable moments as you fight for survival.

Whether you prefer the comfort of your Xbox console or the versatility of your Windows 10 PC, Generation Zero ensures that you can play with your friends without limitations. Crossplay support has opened up a new world of possibilities, creating a vibrant and inclusive gaming community.

Is Generation Zero Worth It?

Whether Generation Zero is worth it depends on individual preferences. The game offers a gameplay experience similar to survival-lite games like Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It focuses on exploration, resource management, and intense combat against machines. Set in 1980s Sweden, the game’s beautifully rendered atmosphere creates a sense of isolation and danger.

Combat in Generation Zero is challenging but satisfying, requiring players to employ different strategies and effectively manage their resources. The game offers a variety of weapons and gear to aid in the fight against the machines. However, it’s important to note that the game’s storyline is minimal, providing little explanation for the machine invasion.

While Generation Zero delivers an engaging gameplay experience, occasional bugs and glitches can impact the overall experience. These technical issues can detract from the immersion and enjoyment of the game. Despite its drawbacks, Generation Zero provides a unique and atmospheric gaming experience for players who enjoy the survival-lite genre and are willing to overlook its limitations.

Generation Zero gameplay experience

New Updates and Features in Generation Zero

Generation Zero, the popular cooperative first-person shooter game, continues to evolve with regular updates and exciting new features. Players can look forward to a range of enhancements that enhance the gameplay experience. Let’s explore some of the recent updates and additions that have been introduced in Generation Zero.

New Vehicle: Flakmoped

A standout addition to the game is the Flakmoped, a brand new vehicle that offers players increased mobility and customization options. This versatile vehicle can be modified and randomized to suit individual preferences, allowing players to navigate the game’s expansive world in style. Whether you’re roaming the Swedish countryside or engaging in thrilling combat, the Flakmoped provides a fresh and exciting way to traverse the game’s terrain.

DLC: Reinforced Flakmoped Pack

For players seeking even more specialized features for their Flakmoped, the Reinforced Flakmoped Pack DLC offers a range of new functionalities. This DLC introduces specialized variants of the Flakmoped, allowing players to further enhance their vehicle’s capabilities. With the Reinforced Flakmoped Pack, players can take their gameplay to the next level, gaining an edge in combat situations and exploration quests.

Procedural Mission Locations

The game has expanded its range of procedural mission locations, providing players with an increased variety of quests and challenges. These new mission locations offer unique environments and objectives, ensuring that no two gameplay experiences are ever the same. With every playthrough, players can discover new areas, unravel different mysteries, and encounter diverse encounters. The addition of procedural mission locations adds depth and excitement to the game’s already captivating open-world exploration.

New Companion Name Parts and Winter Snowball Fight Event

In addition to the significant updates mentioned above, Generation Zero has introduced new companion name parts, allowing players to personalize and customize their companions. These name parts add a personal touch to the game, making the experience even more engaging and immersive. Furthermore, the game introduces a seasonal event known as the Winter Snowball Fight, offering players a festive and entertaining diversion from the main storyline. Engage in snowball battles with friends or challenge the game’s AI-controlled opponents for some light-hearted fun.

Quality of Life Improvements and Bug Fixes

Furthermore, the developers of Generation Zero have been actively working on improving the overall quality of the game. Through ongoing updates, they have addressed various bug fixes to ensure smoother gameplay and a more enjoyable experience for players. These quality of life improvements include enhancements to game mechanics, optimizations, and stability fixes, making Generation Zero a more polished and refined game for all players to enjoy.

With these regular updates and new features, Generation Zero continues to provide an immersive and ever-evolving gameplay experience. Whether you’re exploring the open-world environment, combating machines, or customizing your vehicles and companions, there’s always something new to discover in Generation Zero. Stay tuned for future updates and embark on an unforgettable cooperative adventure in the world of Generation Zero!


In conclusion, Generation Zero offers an immersive multiplayer experience for players to enjoy, despite its limitations in cross-platform gaming. The game supports crossplay between Xbox and Windows 10 platforms, allowing players on these systems to seamlessly play together. This feature enhances the multiplayer experience by enabling friends to team up and tackle challenges cooperatively.

Furthermore, the inclusion of cross-generation play and cross-progression support ensures that players can continue playing with their friends even when upgrading consoles. This feature promotes longevity and ensures that players can maintain their progress and relationships within the game.

Although Generation Zero has received regular updates and new features, enhancing the overall gameplay experience for its community, it is important to note that the lack of traditional cross-platform play between different consoles remains a limitation. This restriction may affect the game’s community, as players on different consoles cannot play together.

Despite these limitations, Generation Zero provides an engaging multiplayer experience, enabling players to join forces, explore an open-world environment, and combat machine invaders together. With its atmospheric setting and challenging gameplay, Generation Zero offers a unique experience for fans of cooperative first-person shooters.